Services - Customized English Skype Lessons

45 Minute Lesson

Want to learn English from the comfort of your own home? No problem! You can now do so with a personalized 45 minute English lesson via Skype. Before the lesson, you will provide a short background of your English level and what you specifically want to work on. 

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The Monthly Bundle

With this package, you receive four 45 minute lessons that you can spread out over the month. Whether you are just starting out or an advanced English speaker, we will format your courses to fit exactly what you need. With the monthly bundle, you also receive a free digital download of my infographic bundle explaining the basics of English grammar.

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Intensive English

Are you about to leave for vacation or have a big presentation coming up, but are panicking about your English skills? You are covered with the Intensive English package. This package includes eight 45 minute Skype lessons that can be spread out over two weeks and a free  digital download of my English infographic bundle. Within this time, the learning style will be catered to your goals and get you prepared and confident in a short period of time.

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